Supporting SWAN

By supporting SWAN USA, you’re making a crucial contribution to to the lives of children and their families dealing with an unknown and potentially life threatening enemy. Your generous support provides a caring community, critical information, and passionate advocacy.



Imagine realizing there’s something terribly wrong with your baby. The medical community has no answers and you have nowhere to turn. No one to support you. You feel utterly alone and afraid.

Our Mission?

To ensure that no family is left helpless and hopeless. We want every family dealing with an undiagnosed condition to know they're not alone.

SWAN USA depends upon the generosity and compassion of people like you. All of our funds go directly towards helping the many families we reach in this country. All gifts are tax deductible as we are a non profit, 501(c)3 organization.

Your gift of any amount will make the futures bright for our children. We provide support and information to the families so they will be better able to cope and access the needed resources for their children.

Whatever the reason you're here today, your support can help us to help the children that are affected by SWANS. Together we can unlock a promissing future for SWANs families.