Meet Myles
and Myles Family
Location: , Tennessee
Adopting this little guy we have had over 18 months (since he left NICU at 6mo). It has been a fight to get specialists to look at him. He has left side weakness, hypotonia, hypertonia, spasticity, ataxia, apraxia, dysphagia, larygnomalacia, g-tube fed a homemade formula because we cannot find one he can tolerate (lots of food intolerances/allergies), global developmental delay (about 6-9mo level), cannot crawl, will not roll over, understands way more than he can communicate, short neck, EEGs have looked normal but he has episdoes every once in a while where he gets quiet & won't respond, respiratory issues, apnea, seems to lose new skills sometimes (used to sign "up" & "dad" & can no longer do this), bottom jaw seems wider than top, large eyes and mouth. We finally get to see a geneticist in September
Myles Signs and Symptoms